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For riding and driving dressage. Now you can have an arena laid out when and where you need it, easily - perfectly. This tool is available for both riding and driving dressage. Fast and accurate the Tool is designed to be used by one person, you get straight sides and square corners and all the letter locations for both the large and the small arenas! There is no need for tedious and time-consuming squaring of all four corners and then remeasuring for all the letter locations The Tool does it all. Made of stainless steel, brass and vinyl it will last a lifetime through all kinds of use. The Tool comes with complete instructions, plastic layout pins and its own sturdy carry bag. If you have to layout more than one arena ever, The Tool is a welcome necessity.

#300 Riding Arena Tool, 20x40 & 20x60 meter $259.95 Shipping $30.00

#301 Driving Arena Tool, 40x80 & 40x100 meter $259.95 Shipping $30.00

Metric Wheels

Precise, accurate measurement by one person over any terrain. The COURSE MEASURER is designed for travel with its collapsible handle. For accuracy we use a large precision molded nylon wheel and an electronic direct drive counter that reads in feet, yards or meters at the push of a button. The counter adds when moving forward and subtracts in reverse. Other features are a start pointer for precise accuracy, a mud scraper/ mechanical brake, the counter easily switches between a trip or total display and has a push button reset.

This is a great time saver for show or farm use.

#305 Metric Wheels $189.95 Shipping $29.95

Pocket Rod

This is an easy to read 2 meter measure that stays rigid for quick measurements of cavalletti or jumps. Pocket Rod is not affected by moisture and has a non-glare easy to read surface. Convenient to carry and use.

#307 Pocket Rod $39.95 Shipping $9.95

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Please note: Prices and products can change without notice.
Please contact us directly to confirm availability and pricing

Jumps West guarantees its PVC products for 3 years from the date of purchase for normal, non-commercial use conditions - not including throwing, horse - rider - arena drag damage. Guarantee does not include shipping and is valid for the original purchaser only.

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