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Accessories - Polyethylene Walls & Freestanding Fillers

Click to view a variety of walls and fillers ideas priced at an excellent value
and INCLUDES shipping within the continental USA.

View below a wide range of Polyethylene walls and fillers proceed at the excellent value of $350 to $650 per item or per set.

Birch Gate 18"
Brush Box 18"
Slat Wood Wall 18"
Flower Stairs 15" without flowers + Flowers makes it about 22"
The Tallest Rock is 22" high the rest are lower
The Stone Stacks are 6" High or 12"
All remaining items on this page are 24"

All sets are 10'. Gates can be extended to 12'
Walls, gates, logs and rolltops are 2'.
Brick or stone stacks are 6" or 12"
Flower stairs are 15"
Flower box ground lines are 7"

No Shipping Cost

Price INCLUDES shipping within the continental USA. Contact Us for details!

Boxwood Hedge - 814BH - $659

Two piece set.  Add flower strip or flower boxes.

Slatwood Wall - 813SW - $389

Can be produced in Birch, Brown, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Lt. Grey, Red, Royal Blue and White. 

Picket Fence - 820PF: $495
(Left) - two piece - Available in White, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Lt. Grey.
Brush Box Set with flowers: $369
(Right) Available in Brown, Burgundy, Green, Lt. Grey, Red, Royal Blue, White

Rolltop Set - $595  
Any single color 10' Poly gate: $369
Available in: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Lt. Grey, Red, Royal Blue, White

Masonary Walls: $579

Any of these three 10' Polyethylene walls. $579 for the set.

822RB Brick. 824SW Stone. 823TR Travertine.

Culvert Walls

This handsome and versatile two-tier design provides two decorative rows of flowers raising the base level up to 15'' plus the height of the flowers. 15''H x 12''W x 57 1/2'' (ea.) 9'7'' total 50 lb

Culvert Wall 10' - 818C - $579

Culvert Wall 12' - 819C - $699

Flower Box Stairs

This handsome and versatile two-tier design provides two decorative rows of flowers raising the base level up to 15'' plus the height of the flowers. 15''H x 12''W x 57 1/2'' (ea.) 9'7'' total 50 lbs

Black, Brown, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, White, Grey

White, Yellow, Pink, Fuchsia, Blue, Red, Purple, Carnation Patriotic, Sunflower, Greens

#696FS Flower Stairs Set: $369

Jump Color

#679FS Flower Stairs Set w/Flowers: $459

Jump Color
Flower Colors

Stone Stack

Each stone stack layer is 6" tall, available in 10' or 12' lengths.

10' stone stack: $198 includes continental shipping

Stone stack with flowers: $279 includes continental shipping


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