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GGT Footing

The #1 Footing in the World is the next generation of professional, industry-specific, leading edge footing worldwide.

Investing in any footing additive is a big choice. GGT Footing is a sound investment that has been proven to last as long as ten years. It's safe, long lasting, has no serious toxic health risks associated with fiberglass, and outperforms rubber as well as being more durable. Rubber from recycled tires does not retain water and has lower shear resistance, and polypropylene products break down when exposed to ultra-violet rays from the sun.

  • Durable and easy to care for
  • Great energy absorption for less concussion
  • Gentle on the bare hoof for less horn abrasion
  • High water storage capacity and good emission and drainage
  • Balances moisture absorption allowing longer intervals between watering
  • Made with neutral materials that will not affect humans or animals- only product on the market worldwide scientifically proven nontoxic
  • Good resistance to compacting through stabilized sand particles and high elasticity
  • Additional stability through high slide strength and intermediate shear resistance
  • Extensive frost security allows utilization almost year-round - impedes freezing
  • Significant dust reduction for indoor riding arenas
  • Lasts up to 10 years, depending on usage & maintenance

GGT-Footing Geo

  • Synthetic fiber felt
  • Intermediate shear resistance
  • Stored water
  • Reduces dust
  • Improves drainage

GGT-Footing Dressage

  • Mixed for dressage arenas
  • Fiber additive
  • Higher slide strength
  • Soft footing

GGT-Footing Jumping

  • Mixed for hunter/jumper arenas
  • Optimal impact resistance
  • Higher slide strength
  • Additional stability

Measuring What's Needed

The appropriate calculation to measure the amount of sand needed to fill an indoor arena is 10 tons per 1000 square feet.

For example:
- 100 tons of sand are needed for a 72' x 140' indoor arena (10,080 square feet)
- An estimated median retail price of $30 per ton represents the variance in the price of sand from $15 per ton (Florida) to $50 per ton (California)
- Expected cost: estimated $3000

- 30 tons of silica sand are needed for a standard round pen with a 60' diameter (2,826 square feet)
- Expected cost: estimated $900

We recommend the proportion of GGT-Footing additive mixed with the arena sand to be 25 pounds per 100 square feet.

For example:
- 2,520 pounds would be needed for a 72' x 140' indoor arena (10,080 square feet).
Sand - any sand less than 1.7mm particle size, 8% or less clay content.

Who's Using GGT Footing

  • World Equestrian Games 2010 Kentucky
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • German Olympian Ulla Salzgeber.
  • Malaysia KL Grand Prix CSI Kuala Lumpur 2003/2004/2005
  • Outdoor arenas at the Royal Spanish Lipizzaner Riding School in Vienna
  • FEI Jumping Show - Stockholm
  • Asia Games in Kuala Lumpur
  • Stud farm in Lipica, Slovenia
  • Doncaster Race Track - England

Why Shouldn't I Use Fiberglass Footing?

Fiberglass is a known carcinogen and poses a potentially dangerous health risk. Footing with fiberglass synthetic fiber additive was used in Germany and Europe because of the cheaper cost. But, after a few years studies deemed this product unhealthy.

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