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Hot Walker Cover

Horse Hot Walker Cover

Jumps West has teamed up with a leading specialty engineering firm to bring you the latest in 21st century innovation!

No other manufacturer in North America has this product.

Lightweight, but engineered for toughness, this hotwalker cover can install as an after-market product on your existing hotwalker, Eurociser, or Equiciser.

Features and Benefits

  1. Materials: Flexible, Strong, yet Safe.
  2. Water proof. Weather proof.
  3. The Polyvinyl material is the highest grade 22 oz. fire resistant, U.V. protected, imported German textile. This material is tear resistant, pliable and sound absorbent. Quieter and safer than metal in harsh or inclement conditions.
  4. Wide Variety of Color Options Available. Color swatches available.
  5. Custom engineered design, hand crafted. This structure is built to withstand 90 mile per hour winds, installed in the worst of soil conditions, and able to withstand a live load of 14 pounds per square foot. We can provide our carbon steel structures with a variety of coatings such as paint, galvanizing or powder coating.
  6. Ability to modify and customize.
  7. Can install with a pre-existing hotwalker, Eurociser, or Equiciser. Suitable for many types and styles of horse hotwalker.
  8. These structures meet state codes in California, Washington and Oregon. Note: the covers are considered non-permanent and can be erected or disassembled in a matter of a few hours after initial installation. They also may not be subject to local permitting laws since they are considered non-permanent.
  9. No sharp edges, no permanent, rigid materials that could injure your animals.
  10. Modular design means parts can be easily and quickly replaced
  11. Warranty: 10 years all mechanical and materials, excluding ‘acts of God.’

This Product is currently the best design on the market in North America, and represents the best of 21st century engineering design and materials. Why would you choose anything else?

Download the Hotwalker Cover Project Outline PDF

Installation of NEWEST DESIGN IDEA on the market for Hot Walker Covers.

Expected average cost for a 60 diameter Cover: $27,500

Hotwalker Cover. Fire resistant, U.V. protected 22 oz polyvinyl material. Available in several colors. Quieter and safer than metal. Able to withstand a live load of 14 lbs. per square foot (equivalent to up to 2 feet of snow). Approved by the army corps of engineers. Engineered for wind strengths up to 90 mph. No sharp edges. Warranty 10 years all mechanical materials, excluding 'acts of God.' Price quote for Cover includes shipping. Ship weight 4200 lbs. Need to reconfirm exact diameter. Bid anticipates diameter up to 60' outside diameter. Extremely durable. 400 pound tear strength on vinyl. Schedule 40 Carbon Steel pipe. 12' to the top of the post.

Installation, except post hole digging and fast dry concrete: $3650

On site overseeing of entire installation: six days and/or until complete. (Three men working one full man-day each have been able to complete entire assembly project excluding post hole digging and concrete pour). Does not include cost to dig holes and pour fast drying concrete into holes. Includes: assembly of structure, stretching fabric, all quality control. Concrete needs to be fast drying and include fiber mesh. Hole specs: 18" wide, 4'3" deep, 24 total holes.

Color Swatch for Hotwalker Cover

This Product ships commercially by flatbed truck.

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