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 These exceptionally stable cones have the appropriate letters & centerline letters painted on at a height that allows the letters to be seen from a distance over all types of dressage arena rails. Our unique design prevents the cones from sticking together when stacked & the recessed cup at the top of the Tower Letters allows you to decorate them with flowers.

Elite Letters 18" Tall with 16" Base - incl. shipping

Model 918EL Set of 8 $290

Model 981 EL Set of 12 $429

Tower Letters 30" Tall with 26" Base incl. shipping
Tower letter will hold a 4" flower pot. Weight 9 lbs.

Model 908TL - Set of 8 / $549.95

Model 912TL- Set of 12/ $749.95

2 boxes 28" x 25" x 40" High = 52 lbs.  x 2

These high quality Rail and Wall Letters are 8" x 12" and UV treated. Each plaque displays the main letter and the centerline letter. Letters are silk screened onto the plaque eliminating the chance of adhesives working loose. Each plaque is die cut with rounded corners and the Rail Letters have 1 1/2" channels attached to the back of each plaque.

Rail Letters

set of 8 $98.00 shipping $15.00 in the cont. US.

Rail Letters set of 12 $139.00 shipping $15.00 in the cont. US.


Are a molded one piece design of soft, white vinyl with
a high density base for stability. Pylons stand up to anything, sun - wind - tractors or weed whackers and they always look good. Our vinyl has been specially formulated for all season use; they are tough, resilient, washable and UV/temperature stabilized for long life.
All this combined with our all-weather letters gives you
a great looking marker, and they are stackable. They are available in any letter combination you need.

Model 420 - Single Letter - Set of 8 - $160 + $45.00 shipping

Model 420 - Single Letter - set of 12 -$240 + $60.00 shipping

Model 420A - Single Letter w. centerline letter
set of 8 $192.00 plus $45.00 shipping

Model 420A - Single Letter w. centerline letter
set of 12
$288 + $60.00 shipping  

Model 422 - Double Letter

Set of 8 $200 + $45.00 shipping

Set of 12 $300 + $60.00 shipping

Model 422A - Double Letter w. centerline letter

Set of 8 $256 + $45.00 shipping

Set of 12 $384 + $60.00 shipping


Berkshire Dressage Letters

The Berkshire Letters line are square letters in two sizes. This complete line of Dressage letters are silk-screened on to long lasting polyethelene.

22" tall with 16" base

#914BL Berkshire Dressage Letters (set of 8)
#915BL Berkshire Dressage Letters (set of 12)
#964BL Berkshire Dressage Letters w/bottom (set of 8)
#965BL Berkshire Dressage Letters w/bottom (set of 12)
#911BP Berkshire Bottom Plates (each)


Berkshire Cube Letters

12" tall with 16" base

NOTE: Red is out of stock, please email us for current status information.

#991JN Berkshire Cube Letters (set of 8)
#992JN Berkshire Cube Letters (set of 12)


Berkshire Jump Numbers

12" tall with 16" base.
Complete sets for the horse show or for use in training.
White or blue with numbers silk screened on one side.

#991JN Berkshire Jump Numbers (set of 17)
#992JN Berkshire Jump Numbers (set of 24)


Flower Stairs

15"hgt x 12"wid x 57 1/2"len (each) = 9' 7" (set)
The stair shape provides two stacked rows of flowers raising your ground line up to 15". The two piece set will fill up your jump in all weather conditions.

#696FS Flower Stairs (set)
#697FS Flower Stairs w/flowers included (set)

These letter sets have been tested in all types of weather at home and at shows. All of our arena letters use highly visible extra heavy black vinyl letters coated with an all weather adhesive and UV resistant & temperature stable white vinyls not brittle acrylics. Truly all weather and zero maintenance. All styles are available from stock or they can be customized to meet your special requirements. Styles can be mixed to provide effective marking of even the most difficult arena site.

EURO-PLUS Ultra Letters The dressage letter that has it all. 30" tall, four sided, center line letters down , 16 x 16"heavy duty panels, 10" main letter, 4" centerline letters down both sides. Model #400    

Set of 8 $680.00 plus $60.00 shipping

Set of 12 $1020 plus $75.00 shipping

Classic Formal Arena Letters

Classic good looks using our all weather vinyl on vinyl system for all season use - designed to resist both the
sun and the cold. The extra large easy to see letters are mounted on compound curve panels that are easy to see from any direction. Centerline letters down one side of the arena are included. Tall enough to be seen over any arena fence. These letters stay put, they stick in the ground with no need to add extra weight to keep them in place. They stack neatly or lay flat for shipping or storage. They are easy to decorate for shows with the open top and high base. In case of extreme damage any panel can be replaced, no need to buy a whole new letter.

Model #402

set of 8 $399.60 + $60.00 shipping

set of 12 $599.40 + $75.00 shipping

SFL - Semi Formal Letter
A tall classic three sided arena letter with all weather vinyl panels and vinyl letters. A flexible joining strip holds each panel securely and also allows the letters to be stored flat. Centerline letters down one side of the arena are included. The SFL sits flat on the ground and has an open top for show decorations. Model #403

24 inches tall, 8 x 8 x 8 at the top (open for flower pot holding).
12 x 12 x 12 at the bottom. 8 inch major letters with 4 inch centerline letters down one side of the arena standard (centerline letters down both sides optional). Can be stored flat for easy transport or off season storage.

set of 8 $359.60 + $45.00 shipping

set of 8 $359.60 + $45.00 shipping

set of 12 $539.40 + $60.00 shipping

set of 12 $539.40 + $60.00 shipping

Wall Letters shipping $10.00 in the cont. US.

Set of 8 $110

Set of 12 $160

Wall Mounted Dressage Letters

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks after receipt of payment for order. All wall mounted letters will come with screws for mounting.

#456 Wall mount Letters, one sided pvc with vinyl letters

Set of 8 $120 plus $20.00 shipping

Set of 12 $180 + $25.00

#452 Two side Flat letters drilled for hanging
Set of 8 $200.00 plus $20.00 shipping

Set of 12 $300.00

Flat Perpendicular Wall Mount Letters
two sided - 10 inch. $35 each

Set of 8 $280 plus $20.00 shipping


Set of 12 $420 plus $25.00 shipping

V Wall Mount Letters, two sided
10 inch letters.

Set of 8 $320 plus $20.00 shipping

Set of 12 $480 plus $25.00 shipping

Schooling Letter

These have it for anyone who teaches or trains! Freestanding - self supporting - stackable - easy to see - flexible & crack resistant, great for people who travel, simply the best schooling letter. Trainers told us what they wanted - we listened and this is it. For all season use with zero maintenance nothing beats our vinyl on vinyl system.

Model 428 - Schooling letter - set of 8: $105.00 - $25.00 shipping

Model 428 - Schooling letter - set of 12: $155.00 - $25.00 shipping

Flat Mounted Letters

Zero maintenance crack resistant white PVC sheet and black vinyl letters combine to provide all weather - all season markers that last. We've been testing them for years and use only UV and temperature stable PVC, it's not brittle like acrylics. Predrilled and supplied with special mounting screws for easy hanging. Centerline letters are in stock for all sizes. Our letters are available individually or in complete sets to suit your needs. Combine LETTER PEGS with selected styles of our FLAT MOUNTED LETTERS for the best, most flexible system available.

Model 444 - 8" flat mounted letter - One sided with centerline letter
+ $25.00 shipping
set of 8 $115.00
set of 12 $170.00

Model 454 - 10" flat mounted letter - One sided with centerline letter

set of 8 $140.00
  set of 12 $200.00

Clip on Fence Letters
Designed for all types of board paddock and arena fence. They will fit boards up to 1-1/2 inches wide. Other sizes can be made available on request. 8 x 8 inch panel with a 6 inch letter.


Model 465 - Fence Letters $13.95 each plus $25.00 shipping

set of 8 $ $115.00

set of 12  $170.00



Save the hassle, time and money with no more tape. Markers contain a red 2" x 5 1/2" UV plaque and have a channel attached on the back, which simply snaps into place on any 1

Set of 8 $59.95 shipping $9.50 in the cont. US.

Set of 12 $79.95 shipping $11.95 in the cont. US.

Course and Directional Markers - Flat rate shipping via UPS $15.95

479 Directional arrow, 6x6 panel $6.99

480 Directional arrow, 10x10 panel $8.99

481 Directional arrow, 8x8 panel $9.99

485 Halfway markers, (1/2) 12x12 $12.95

490 Pendant (triangle) Boundary Marker, red/white panel
490A 6x12 $5.99 + $2.50 shipping

490B 8x16 $7.99+ $2.50 shipping

492 Course Markers - 6x6 inch red/white panel
$1.99 + $2.50 shipping

493 Course Markers - 8x8 inch red/white panel $2.99 + $2.50 shipping

494 Course Markers - 10x10 inch red/white panel $5.99 + $2.50 shipping

495 Course Markers - 12x12 inch red/white panel $6.99 + $2.50 shipping

496 Plastic START/FINISH signs.  Two each.  $74.95 + $19.95 shipping

Designed, manufactured and proven for use in all-seasons and all-weather conditions these are the best numbers and letters on the market today.

Highly visible vinyl numbers and letters are coated with all-weather adhesive and mounted on UV fade resistant and temperature stable vinyls for zero maintenance. Our solid color vinyls are highly visible, non-glare and fade resistant for a long life. Solid vinyl markers are lighter and safer than wood with no sharp edges or splinters. The vinyl panels remain flexible and can bend without splintering or shattering as acrylic plastic can. All styles are available in standard sizes or can be custom sized
to suit your requirements. We also can duplicate numbers and letters missing from existing sets no matter who made them. All Numbers and markers meet current AHSA and FEI rules.

Flat Mount numbers, letters and markers are predrilled for easy hanging and are supplied with special screws at no additional cost. The directional arrows are cross drilled for use in any direction, the numbers and letters are drilled top and bottom for easy mounting to posts or poles. Stadium jumping numbers/letters are top
drilled for easy hanging. Or we will custom drill them for you.

Self Supporting numbers make for quick obstacle or jump course setup. There is no need for additional props or supports. They can stand up to being repeatedly run over without breaking and they are supplied with Wind Pegs for secure positioning in any weather.

All number/letter sets: white background. Specify number/letter color.
All sets drilled top and bottom or top only.


Cowboy Dressage Letters

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