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Jumps - Western Trail Class & Obstacles

Due to the complexity of shipping charge quotations and the limitations of PayPal, Jumps West reviews all Internet orders and notifies you immediately to refund shipping charge overages where automatic freight charges are miscalculated, or to increase the final price for additional quantities added at PayPal where shipping charges are based on only the first item.
Learn our shipping policies and how rates are calculated.
Please note: Prices and products can change without notice.
Please contact us directly to confirm availability and pricing.


Flat Bridge

$399.95 - ships via freight only. Email us for shipping options.

Arch Bridge

$459.95 - ships via freight only. Email us for shipping options.

Connected Trail Bridges

$1199.95 - ships via freight only. Email us for shipping options.

Rope Gate, Water Box, Rail Risers

Rope Gate

$489.95 ships via commercial freight, only. This attractive wood rope gate is 5' tall and each wing is 4' wide. Email us about shipping options.

Three Slat Wood Rope Gate - $429.95

Ships via commercial freight only. Email us about shipping options.

Picket Rope Gate

Can be made in all natural stain, brown, white frame/lacquer slats - pick your favorite combination! 5'6" tall.


Water Box

This beautiful wood water box is panted and sealed, with tread tex inside for safety traction. Size is 4 x 6. Ships via commercial freight only. Best ordered in combination with other trail training and competition obstacles.

Striped Lodgepole Pine Jump Rails - 6', 8', 10' and 12' length, available for trail class.

Please go to our Rails page to order, or email



Practice Rails

Soft, bendable practice rails. Made from the same material as waterboxes and liverpool water jumps.

Two Meter Soft Rail: $69.95 each

Three Meter Soft Rail: $89.95 each

2 meter x 1 meter Corner Rail: $119.95

3 meter x 1 meter Corner Rail: $129.95

2 meter x 2 meter Corner Rail: $129.95

Cowboy Car Wash, a.k.a. the  "Cowboy Curtain"

This handsome, sturdy product features a very stable base, plus all-weather materials designed specifically for outdoor use. Practical, safe, assembles in under 5 minutes, no tools needed.

Price: $395. Ships via commercial freight - please call for quote.  This item can ship in two pieces, assembles very easily, via Fed Ex ground.  Ground shipping is $145.  Includes curtain, uprights, curtain rod, patented feet, and stakes.

Cowboy curtain color choices:  brown or green

The feet of the cowboy curtain can be water filled, which does a great job for increasing stability. But in high winds, our experience is that they had to also be staked into the ground. We can supply the stakes. The curtain does hold wind and create resistance, so in low wind, no problem, but in high wind it is top heavy unless compensated for.

Mailbox - 5' height

$189.95 - ships via freight only. Order with other freight. Email us for details.

For windy conditions, the current foot design of the mailbox would be hard to stake or add sandbags, but we can modify the foot design quite easily in this case. The only true solution for high winds is sandbags.

If you are worried about high winds, this mailbox design can be modified - either in pvc or wood base - to have a longer foot and/or put sandbags for stability.

See how the fourth side is longer and protrudes? The PVC foot can protrude as it does in this photo, with the mailbox atop this kind of base. Easy to add sandbags.

Rail Risers

These versatile and useful rail risers can be used as single or double heights to test your horse's agility in a variety of shapes and patterns using rails. This Course uses 14.

Lifts poles off the ground - these clever risers can be stacked for advanced schooling. Base measures 6.75"x5.5" and raises the rail 3.5" up from the ground surface.

Set of Eight (8) Rail Risers: $89.95
Shipping: $14.95
Choose color: red, white, blue, all items have to be same color

choose color

Set of Twelve (12) Rail Risers: $129.95
Shipping: $19.95
Choose color: red, white, blue, all items have to be same color

choose color

Set of Eight (8) X Style Rail Risers (#700RB): $179.95
Shipping: $14.95

Set of Twelve (12) X Style Rail Risers (#701RB): $249.95 includes shipping

Block Cavaletti: $229.95/pair + $9.95 flat rate shipping in the continental U.S.

The Block Cavaletti by Horsemen's Pride are stackable polyethylene blocks. They offer numerous height options and jump combinations. Blocks have three heights (9", 1'3", and 2') and can be used with any standard pole.

Available in: Red, Blue, White

Excellent Choice for Overall Desensitization - Trail - Training Obstacle Course

$5399.95 including domestic shipping to a business (residential adds a $95 surcharge).

1 5 x 8 waterbox, soft sided
1 cowboy curtain choose noodles or curtain
1 rope gate including drilled for jump cups
2 pair jump cups
1 flat bridge, with connectors for the arch bridge
1 arch bridge
1 stacker/combo
4 banners
2 streamers
1 set of 8 x style rail risers
12 rails of which 10 are ten feet, 2 are six feet, striped

Complete Western Trail Course

Click here to download information on Western Trail Classic Patterns.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Rope gate obstacle
  • 1 Flat bridge
  • 15 Striped Lodgepole Pine Rails (10' x 3.5")
  • 1 Water box obstacle (1/2" rubber mat recommended for safety - not included)
  • 1 Mailbox obstacle (5' height)

$1999.85 + $375 flat rate shipping in the continental U.S.

Flower Boxes

These durable, lightweight, flower boxes will last for years, whether indoors or out. Sold by the pair, each individual Flower Box can be placed separately in your course. Complete your course by adding colored flowers to your flower boxes.

Flower Box Small Pair (#690FB): $99.95

Flower Box with Flowers (#692FB): $139.95

Fiona's Horse Games - Parelli Natural Horsemanship Training

Round Water Obstacle with rubber insert for safety tread. Rubber insert sold separately.
Buy a 1/2" thick stall mat and cut - saves on shipping.

Solid or two-tone! Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue-Black,Yellow-Red.

4' Round Water Obstacle: $299.95
Shipping: $45

Gymkhana and Trail Class Poles

Pole Bending Poles

Set of six 1 1/2" x 72" PVC poles.
Available in red, white and blue only
Set of 6: $95

Pole Bending Base

Weight: 28 lbs.
Black only.
Set of 6 $199.95

AQHA approved-just fill with sand and add a 1 1/2" x 72" PVC pipe or order from us.

One Pole at a Time

One Pole at a Time is a how-to instructional video series for those interested in trail competition at American Quarter Horse Association events. This three-part series features Tim "The Trail Man" Kimura who designs the trail class courses for the AQHA World Championship events. Learn how to measure and set up trail class obstacles at home along with valuable tips and tricks of the trade that will help you excel in showing your American Quarter Horse in trail classes.

part 1 of 3

part 2 of 3

part 3 of 3

Western Gate

Conforms to AQHA requirements for Trail Class

Elegant design allows you to train with or without the use of the center gate, just lay it flat against the side support and switch from gate in the center, to walk-through, so you can vary the degree and type of training.

For a slight surcharge, have us drill holes for jump cups so this gate can double as a complete jump.

Price: $489.95 complete


Water Obstacle - 4' x 6'

For training purposes, traction and as a walk-through, we strongly recommend adding a 1/2" rubber mat, available at your local feed store.

$329.95 + $35 shipping

Water Obstacle - 5' x 8'

For training purposes, traction and as a walk-through, we strongly recommend adding a 1/2" rubber mat, available at your local feed store.

$369.95 + $35 shipping

Thanks to Nikki Nardacci, Southfork Cavvy
Nicole McCallister, Photographer

Streamers & Banners

Incredible training tools for desensitization.

Telescoping poles extend from 7'5" to over 15'.

Banners are colorful, attractive, and work marvelously as a training aid. Email us for details.


These attractive streamers are also a great training tool! Adjustable pole goes up to 12'. Streamers available in single solid color or two tone. Price includes streamer, pole, and pole sleeve.

Price: $249.95
Shipping: $12.95

Minimum order is 3.

Color options: Minimum of any color is 2 of the same.


Use these wonderful banners for desensitizing your horse!
Includes pole, pole sleeve and solid color banner. Banner is 2' x 8.5', with the fiberglass pole height at 10.2'

Price per pole:  $269.95
Shipping: $12.95

Minimum order is 2 of any color.

Jumps West is delighted to have supplied United States Working Equitation at the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse. Thank you to Sue Watkins!

TOP, this is us on a trail ride, up on top of the Gros Ventre Mountains, with the Grand Tetons in the background.

LEFT, this is your obstacle which we slightly modified. We have to change them up every day as the horses become desensitized, and are not challenged enough. Here I strung pool noodles and put little cushy toys on the end. We have been practicing all winter. The official annual certification for the Citizen's Mounted Unit will begin next Saturday, 40 hours. My boss was very impressed with your obstacle. We have another training first week in June, in that one it will be for sworn officers from all over Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Russ is looking forward to using your obstacle for the class.

Submitted by Catherine

Trail Course 3

includes connected bridges, cowboy curtain, rope gate, mailbox, waterbox and rails - $3499.95 includes shipping

Trail Course 4

includes connected bridges, cowboy curtain, rope gate, mailbox, waterbox and rails - $3199.95 includes shipping

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Please note: Prices and products can change without notice.
Please contact us directly to confirm availability and pricing

Jumps West guarantees its PVC products for 3 years from the date of purchase for normal, non-commercial use conditions - not including throwing, horse - rider - arena drag damage. Guarantee does not include shipping and is valid for the original purchaser only.

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